Performance and economy are demanded from every vehicle, and because this can’t be taken for granted, we use only the best test equipment to highlight any deficiencies. Our highly trained technicians are able to deal with and repair faults. The diagnostic technologies allow us to discover a wide array of problems affecting your car. These include:

  • Service interval and service light
  • Emission data, catalytic converter condition, oxygen sensor activity
  • Engine management system including temperature sensors, injection rail pressures, ECU errors, knock sensors
  • ABS control unit and wheel speed sensors
  • Wheel alignment (tracking)
  • Wheel balancing
  • SRS airbag control unit and airbag status
  • DSC vehicle anti skid controllers
  • Gearbox management system
  • Instrument panel and multi function steering wheel
  • CAN line status
  • Electronic diesel control systems
  • Anti-lock braking systems
Electrical systems in cars today are a lot more complicated than they used to be. The staff at Harrington’s has to work on your car's computer systems as well as the standard mechanisms. More functions of your car are run by computer than ever before, and as a result there are many more circuits and connections in modern cars. We make it our business to understand how modern computerised systems work so that we can offer the best quality of repair to your car's electrics.

Our Diagnostics Equipment is as follows:

  1. Computer Diagnostics: Texa
  2. Vehicle Emissions and Performance Monitoring – System 500
    (Initial analysis of tailpipe emissions and vehicle performance)
  3. HPA Laser 4-Wheel Alignment (Tracking) Equipment
  4. Faip Computer Wheel Balancing Equipment.