Cobhmotormart history
Almost 15 years of experience...of resolving any of your vehicle problems.

Year 1996
Cobh Motormart was established here at Glenanaar Place initially as a tyremart and with a one service bay garage doing simple general mechanical works.

Year 1998
This year with our increase in we developed the premises to what it is today and consequently we employed additional qualified staff.

Year 1999
In 1999 we set up our car accessories shop, in this year also the company became a member of SIMI (Society of the Irish Motor Industry) 

  • - here you will find information on the characteristics of society, how it works, benefits for member such as training, inspection, etc.
  • Support - The following website link shows our company identified on the society’s Register:,

Year 2000
At the start of the Millennium we introduced our 24 hour Recovery Service (small Mercedes Truck), thus widening the range of services we could offer to all our valued customers.

Year 2002
In this year we purchased a new Mercedes Truck to upgrade our Recovery Service further, we also commenced a Bus Repair Service.  

Year 2006
Our register of regular customers continues to grow and with a nationwide demand for our recovery services we took a further bold step and replaced our the existing recovery truck with a brand new  IVECO Recovery Truck.

Year 2010
Today at Harrington’s Motormart we continue to give you our valued customers the very best of attention, we feel we must be doing something right as you continue to come back to us for all your service needs.